Buy parts for gas turbine Ruston (SGT-200)

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Наименование З/Ч:
  • запчасти

  • Ruston

Наименование оборудования:
  • Buy parts for gas turbine Ruston (SGT-200)

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Цена (руб):
  • 66000


Buy parts for industrial gas turbine Ruston and compressor Ruston. The proposed product must be new and not used, and also, in the original packaging, with the factory marking, free from defects. Interested in components of models SGT-200, SGT-200-1S, SGT-200-2S: - Servo valves; - Drive components; - Pressure regulators; - Oil pump; - Pressure Sensors; - Thermocouples; - Solenoid valves; - Filters; - Bearings; - Spare parts for blades; - Ignitors; - Flame detectors; - Parts of the generator; - other, other. Please contact the specified phone number or send your suggestions by e-mail. Ready to consider various options. In your proposal, please indicate the relevant drawing numbers. Prices are negotiable.