Buy a gas turbine nozzle Solar

№ 188, размещено 23 июня     Категория З/Ч и расходники


Наименование З/Ч:
  • форсунка

  • Solar

Наименование оборудования:

Серийный номер/артикул детали:
  • P / N: 301380-200

Цена (руб):
  • 6000


Buy a gas turbine nozzle Solar. The company acquires the nozzles of the gas turbines Solar Titan and Solar Mars. Nozzle number SOLAR P / N: 301380-200. Condition of nozzles: SOLAR P / N nozzles: 301380-200 must be new, from storage or used, but with a short operating time. Ready to discuss options. Call, write - always happy mutually beneficial cooperation. We work with all countries. Prices are negotiable.